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Hadley Black 8 The all new black low tone Hadley air horn
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We are specialized in the complete acoustic Hadley assortment.
From single air horns to complete sets in both European- and US sized fittings- and couplings.


Specialized and approved Hadley dealer

15 years of experience Expert in air horns (US- and EU fittings)
World Wide Shipping Hadley horns delivered with FedEx and DPD
Friend of the company Direct link with Hadley European HQ

About Hadleyshop

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Hadley is the worldwide leader in air horn systems. has more than 20 years of experience with air horns. Since the Hadley company based their European headquarters in the Netherlands in 2013, we have specialised in the complete European acoustic product range, including some special horns made for the US market.
Not only do we know air horns, we are also experts in assembling the corresponding pneumatic systems. European and US-size pneumatic parts and couplings hold no mysteries for us.
Our excellent partnership with Hadley in the United States ensures that we can offer you the best possible service. We look forward to advising you on how to use and connect the Hadley air horns.
Furthermore, we manage our own stock so that we can ship most air horns within 24 hours.