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The Hadley company was founded in 1945 by Harold Hadley in the United States, Toledo, Ohio. Mr. Hadley was a boating enthusiast who was highly concerned about the safety of sailors. He developed one of the first freon-powered, dual-trumpet horns that quickly became known as the ‘Hadley Horn’.

Soon after some of the first electric and air powered horns were created in his factory. In a short time, the Hadley company grew to be the standard of excellence, and migrated to other business sectors, including the automotive, and trucking industries.

Today Hadley is considered to be the worldwide leader in air horn systems. Our horns are used as original equipment on over-the-road, tractor/trailer rigs. When combined with a Hadley Air Compressor, they’re the number one horn used on SUVs, 4 x 4s, vans, pickup trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, and power/sail boats.