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What noise are you looking for?
Snow Stoppers Hadley Polished Snow Caps:
Alls sizes available
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We are specialized in all the accoustic Hadley products.
From single air horns and complete sets to both European- and US sized fittings- and couplings.


Specialized and approved Hadley dealer

15 years experience in air horns and both US- and EU fittings
World Wide Shipping Hadley horns delivered with FedEx and DPD
Friend of the company Direct link with Hadley European HQ

About Hadleyshop

We have experience with air horns for over 15 years. Since the Hadley company based their European headquarters in the Netherlands in 2013, we have specialized ourselves in the complete range that they offer in the EU, but also some special horns made for the US market.

Not only do we know the horns, we are pretty good in assembling the correct pneumatic systems that go with air horns.
US- and EU size pneumatic parts- and couplings hold no mysteries for us. Therefore we are always happy.....
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