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Hadley Multivolt Solenoid Valve 12/24v

Hadley Multivolt Solenoid Valve 12/24v

Electronic valve with solenoid coil, normally closed, 6mm in- and output, suitable for both 12v and 24v. up to 12 bar pressure

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Hadley Multivolt Valve

Valve with wide passage suitable for various types of air horn. This valve is so-called "normally closed"; ie, when activated, it allows the required air (pressure) to pass through to operate the air horn.
This valve works on both 24v and 12v. Suitable for systems on trucks as well as on normal cars.
The inlet and outlet of the valve is suitable for 6mm air tube (Push to Connect).

1x 12v/24v Hadley Solenoid Valve
1x Connector and wire with two blades +/- (see picture)
Product info 
Material  Plastic / Metal
Dimensions (lxwxh) 32 x 59 x 56 mm
Type Normaly closed
Max. flow 600 l/min
Voltages 12Vdc / 24Vdc
Work pressure 0-12 bar
Inlet 6mm PTC
Uotlet 6mm PTC
Please note:
For this valve you need air on board, or compressor with tank and 12v, or 24v power supply.
Solenoid Valve
12v/24v (multivolt)
Tube size
Tube size (B)
Tube connection
PTC (Push To Connect)
Synthetic / Plastic
Max pressure
10 bar
Made in
The Netherlands