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Home EU couplings & tubing Extended adapter M12x1.5 to 7/16 UNF

Extended adapter M12x1.5 to 7/16 UNF

Extended adapter M12x1.5 to 7/16 UNF

Brass adapter M12 to 7/16 UNF. Special brass adapter to convert M12x1.5 (EU) to 7/16-24 UNF (US). Extended adapter M12x1.5 to 7/16 UNF.

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Extended reduction M12x1.5 to 7/16-24

Special brass adapter Hadley air horn with M12 connection. This adapter can be used to connect American 7/16-24 UNF couplings.
This gradient can be used as an extender, but can of course also be shortened.

This adapter has an M12x1.5 (EU) male thread and extends to a 7/16-24 UNF female thread.

This adapter is made entirely of brass.

So you can screw the adapter (or adapter) into an M12x1.5 input and connect a male coupling with 7/16-24 UNF thread.

Total length: 85mm
Length M12x1.5: 65mm
Hexagon length: : 20 mm

Abbreviations :

M12x1.5: European metric thread.
7/1624 UNF: American fine wire

More information about hose sizes and threads can be found here: About Threads
Thread (A)
M12x1.5 (M)
Thread (B)
7/16-24 UNS (F)
Max pressure
15 bar
Made in
The Netherlands