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Hadley H00978 ECE Truck Horn

Hadley H00978 ECE Truck Horn

Hadley H00978 ECE truck horn. High tone rectangular air horn (26 inch / 66,0cm) Air horn for trucks and other vehicles that have air supply on board.

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Hadley High Tone Ambassador Air Horn


The high tone rectangular truck horn made by Hadley USA. This air
horn has a steel projector, or trumpet with chrome finish.
According to us, the Hadley Ambassador horns have a full and clear sound.

Our advice: Sounds even better when combined with the low tone H00977 ECE as a complete set.

Hadley H00978 ECE Product information

Material brass with chrome finish
Length 26" / 66cm
Trumpet (square-shaped)
8,7" x 4,5"/
22cm x 11,4cm
Hadley code H00978ECE
Registrations E11

Delivery includes

- Hadley H00978ECE air horn
- 1x horn support

Please note:
For this air horn you will need an air source with valve/solenoid
and tubing that at least produces 4bar - 8bar pressure.