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Home Emergency air horns Hadley Medium E-Tone H09321A

Hadley Medium E-Tone H09321A

Hadley Medium E-Tone H09321A

Medium toned E-tone air horn for Emergency vehicles with air supply, such as fire trucks. Mostly used on fire engines in the USA. (21inch/53cm)

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Hadley Medium E-Tone H09321A


Medium E-Tone Emergency Air horn for priority vehicles with air on board.
The Hadley E-tone air horns have a distiguished trembling sound. Basically
they play a false note. Not a pleasant air horn sound, but very effective. This
type of air horns is mainly used in American fire engins (trucks). Together with
a siren, these horns are used for crossing busy intersections.

Hadley Emergency airhorn medium product information
Material chrome
Length 21" / 53cm
Diameter trumpet (Ø) 6,1" / 15,5cm
Hadley code H09321A

Delivery includes:

- 1x Hadley medium E-Tone

Please note:
For this air horn you will need an air source with valve/solenoid
and tubing that at least produces 4bar - 8bar pressure.