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Hadley Two Tone Black Ops.

Hadley Two Tone Black Ops.
Hadley Two Tone Black Ops.

Hadley 'gone dark'. The popular 22 and 19 inch Hadley truck horns in black. A Black Edition of the H00889ECE set. Two air horns with different tones in black. With 6mm PTC connection.

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Hadley Two Tone Black Ops

H00890BCE + H00892BCE

The black edition of the 19 and 22 inch Hadley truck horn set. A high and a low tone. The Hadley Two Tone Black Ops.
Two air horns powdercoated in black. Both horns come with a standard 6mm Push To connect connection.
The tone is the same as the chrome version, but we actually think the look is a lot cooler.

Please note: These horns are powder coated. This finish is more vulnerable than a chrome finish. A fall or tap can damage the paint layer.

Delivery includes:

1x 48cm Air horn
1x 56cm Air horn
2x horn support
optional: additonal parts
Product information        
Material aluminum and stainless steel powder coated
Length 48cm
Trumpet Ø 12,5cm
Hadley Code H00890BCE
Thread inlet 6mm PTC (Push To Connect)
EU-Registration e11
Please note:

You will need an extra air pressure source or compressor and tank with
and tubing, which produces 6bar - 8bar pressure.