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Hadley 868 Air horn Support

Horn Support Hadley Large
Hadley 868 Air horn Support

Hadley Air horn support for the 95cm long 868 truck horns. The large air horn support for Hadley (or other) air horns.

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Truck horn support big Hadley

This is the larger horn support made by Hadley. It is suitable for
the 95cm long Hadley 868 truck horn, but can also be used for
other air horns of course.
The total height is 12,5, but more important is "support-height".
The support-height is 7,8cm. Please note that these measurements
are without the rubber pads. The rubber pads have a thickness
of approx. 2mm.

Horn support Hadley H00860RA Product information

Material chrome, ABS 
Complete height  4,9" / 12,5cm
Support heigth 3" / 7,8cm
Hadley code     H00860RA

Suitable for


Delivery includes

- Hadley large horn support
- 1x rubber pads for horn protection
- 1x rubber pads for roof protection