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12v Hadley Air Set

Hadley 12v air set
12v Hadley Air Set

A complete 12v Air set. Can produce up to 115 psi/8 bar of air pressure. Suitable for all horns that normally require air on board. All pneumatic parts are included (not shown in pic)

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Air Pressure Installation Set 12V

Complete 12v Air set for vehicles that do not have an air source
on board. Can produce up to 115psi / 8bar of air pressure.
All pneumatic parts, except the horns, are included and are listed
in the attachment.

Product information Hadley Air kit

Measurement compressor (LxHxW)
5,9" x 5,1" x 3,3" /
15cm x 13cm x 8,5cm
Length air tank 14,6" / 37cm
Diameter air tank (Ø) 5,1" / 13cm
Voltage 12V
Hadley code H02014A

Delivery includes

- Hadley Air Set